The University of Iowa

South Airport Site Development Improvements

Academic Year 
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Project Partner 

Engineering students created a Master Redevelopment Plan that presented findings on the condition of Iowa City's airport facilities and made recommendations on how to most efficiently develop the farmland around the decommissioned southern runway to increase the airport’s future revenue generation capacity.

At the time of this project, the southernmost runway in the Iowa City Airport was not in use and the area needed improvements for property development. Because the site was within a flood plain, the City of Iowa City was interested in having the site evaluated for potential flooding risk. In particular, they desired an assessment of the need for a levee or other improvements to protect the area along the creek and increase the land’s development potential.

The students' plan was divided into three expansion phases, which chart out a long-term plan for re-developing the runway area. These stages included recommendations for implementing a levee system, adding additional hangers, and adding between 2-4 development plots.