Clinton Riverview Park Festival Area Engineering and Design

Students in the College of Engineering's Civil Engineering area completed their undergraduate capstone projects with a focus on Clinton's Riverview Park. Because the park will be the site of a new festival that will bring a much larger number of visitors to the area than in the past, the City asked the team to develop plans to upgrade current facilities and add new fixtures that will better accommodate the park's evolving use.

A new initiative in Clinton will soon bring a large annual musical festival to the Clinton's riverfront area, bringing large amounts of people and traffic to the ara.  This new event spurred conversations about how to best improve the area to accommodate new uses and year round enjoyment of the space.  As part of their Senior Design Capstone Course, Civil & Environmental Engineering students will work with the Clinton Parks & Recreation department to identify and desin site improvements, such as stormwater managment, parkin, new structures, and more.  

a fountain in a round pool with a fence around it and a park in the background
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