The University of Iowa



Marketing Food Waste Prevention

A senior marketing student researched food waste prevention among local businesses in Iowa City and created a communication campaign for promoting local composting and recycling efforts. Food waste reduction is an important component of...
The University of Iowa bicycle safety team

Bicycle Safety and Use Campaigns

Students in the Public Health Program completed two projects, both of which focused on increasing awareness and use of safe road-sharing behaviors and bicycling transportation in Iowa City. The first project was focused on the creation of a...
Hometown Inn and Suites

Hotel/Motel Tax Strategic Communications

Journalism students in the Strategic Communications Writing course researched and produced marketing materials for use by the Washington Chamber of Commerce for promotion of the hotel/motel tax. Washington, Iowa is currently one of the only...
Paws and More Logo

Animal Shelter Public Relations & Fundraising Campaign

Students in a Fundraising and Philanthropy Communications class organized ideas for a non-profit animal shelter's fundraising campaign. Using research on the latest trends in fundraising and philanthropy, students evaluated the shelter's past...
Radon Campaign

Community Radon Campaign

Students in the College of Public Health worked in three groups that targeted different sectors of the Iowa population: the aging population, parents of elementary-aged children, and homeowners in Iowa City to look at the levels of radon in these...
Sustainable Iowa City logo

Strategic Communication Campaign for Marketing Sustainability

Undergraduate students created three strategic communication plans for the City of Iowa City. The goal of these plans is to help city communicators gain local and regional attention to the sustainability efforts in Iowa City. Each of the campaigns...