The University of Iowa

Water Reclamation for Terry Trueblood Recreation Area

Water Reclamation map
Academic Year 
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Project Partner 

Engineering students created a project aimed at reducing the water demand, energy consumption and costs for Iowa City's Wastewater Division. The students calculated the areas needing irrigation along with the volume of water needed. Pump sizes, electrical service, and a design plan estimating construction and operational costs were the deliverables.

The City of Iowa City Wastewater Division provides irrigation water from treated wastewater effluent to the nearby soccer fields. Recent improvements have increased the quality and quantity of the reclaimed water. The Division has recently decommissioned an 8" force main that runs along South Gilbert Street. The pipeline could be repurposed to supply irrigation water to park areas along Gilbert Street, such as Napoleon Park and Terry Trueblood Recreation Area. These areas were using "drinking water" as the irrigation supply. Repurposed pumps from the decommissioned North Plant may also be utilized to construct an effective system.