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Waterloo is an IISC partner for the 2020-21 academic year. 

Waterloo Projects


Church Row Neighborhood Plan

The City of Waterloo (pop. 67,798) seeks assistance with the development of a Neighborhood Plan for Church Row, a core neighborhood located near downtown. The Neighborhood Plan will establish a broadly supported and achievable vision for the...

Church Row Neighborhood Walkability and Accessibility Study

Combined with the effort to create the Church Row neighborhood plan, a course in the School of Planning & Public Affairs will assess the walkability and accessibility of the Church Row neighborhood, particularly focusing issues of equity that...

Civil Rights Oral History Database

This project involves the implementation and organization of an oral history database project for Waterloo citizens, with a specific focus on Civil Rights leaders in the community, many of whom are now elderly.

Waterloo Fair Chance Initiative Study

As a step towards addressing inequities and racial disparities, the City of Waterloo City Council passed the Fair Chance Initiative, an ordinance which “bans the box,” removing questions about criminal history from job applications and preventing...

Waterloo Housing Policy Briefs

Students in the Department of Rhetoric class Public Policy and Persuasion will develop policy briefings for Waterloo community partners, focusing on housing issues such as obstacles to home ownership, rental policies, and neighborhood stabilization.

Waterloo Public Art

Working closely with Waterloo’s Center for the Arts, MFA students will design and install a public art piece driven by a process of public engagement so that the piece reflects the values, stories and/or identity of the community.