Camp Courageous Cultural Education Center

Civil & Environmental Engineering students enrolled in the Senior Design Capstone course designed a site plan for an ADA-compliant cultural education center at Camp Courageous. 

Camp Courageous is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides year-round recreational and respite care opportunities for individuals with special needs. Camp Courageous offers a variety of services including week-long camp sessions, respite care weekends, winter camper care, family camp sessions, outdoor education sessions, and Courageous Travels. The camp operates primarily on donations without government assistance, formal sponsorship, or paid fundraisers. On an annual basis, Camp Courageous serves thousands of individuals with special needs ranging in age from 1 to 105.

As part of their final project, the team designed a cultural education center for Camp Courageous that satisfies ADA design standards and will provide campers with the opportunity to be immersed in the natural habitat of northeast Iowa year-round. Camp Courageous officials also requested the final designs incorporate the following envisioned uses: 

    • Four-season nature observation from within the building.
    • A large, open space for engaging activities suitable for campers of all ages and members of the public.
    • Space for educational displays of the native plant and animal species and audio/visual nature observation enhancement equipment.
    • A storage room and restroom facilities. 

In their final report, the engineering team presented recommendations for site location, site design, and architectural design, including design renderings and cost estimations.