Manchester Site Development and Stormwater Management

As part of their Senior Design Capstone course, Civil & Environmental Engineering students created designs for development of a new residential neighborhood in Manchester, as well as a stormwater management plan for the site. 

The City of Manchester requested the design of a residential neighborhood that addressed the expansion of city infrastructure and related stormwater issues.  The City requested consideration of flooding impacts as part of the project scope and design of the road extension to better manage stormwater and improve upon the current floodwater mitigation practices.

The scope of the project consisted of residential expansion to the northeast with an emphasis on storm water mitigation. The project required design of accurate stormwater mitigation techniques including channels and a permanent pool, roadway extensions, and subdivision design. The objective was to slow down the stormwater to reduce the impacts of flooding in the community of Manchester. To accomplish this, an additional permanent pool and drainage channels were designed. The project scope also included a road extension of Grand Avenue north to 195th Street. The Grand Avenue road extension met with Fairview Drive and Deann Drive. Stormwater sewers and water main systems were designed for these new road extensions. Potential residential expansion and future development were taken into consideration. Lots were designed on the east side of the Grand Avenue extension. A cul-de-sac was also extended south of the existing wetland basin and to the east of the Grand Ave. extension. Along with the designs, the engineering team calculated cost estimates for the project.