Maquoketa Open Space Redevelopment

Students in the College of Engineering's Civil and Environmental Engineering department created plans to redevelop an existing green space in Maquoketa. The site was created when several buildings burnt down decades ago, leaving an open space. This space now serves as an informal gathering place for concerts and other public events. The City asked the team to provide plans to formalize the area as an event space, adding a permanent stage and restrooms. 

The open space faces west and, thus, the students had to come up with a plan that would provide more shade for visitors. They were also aware of potential budgetary limitations and phased their plans so that the most sought after amenities could be built first, followed by aspects to the space that could make it more outstanding but aren't entirely necessary. This includes an occupiable roof with solar panels. The team also took into consideration the existing look and feel of the city's downtown area, designing built spaces that complement this aesthetic.