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Fitness Trail route example

Keokuk Fitness Trail - Trail Engineering and Design

Civil & Engineering and Sport & Recreation Management students provided design alternatives, cost estimates, and fitness recommendations for a proposed fitness trail connecting several community facilities and amenities in Keokuk.

The community of Keokuk seeks to develop more outdoor recreational opportunities for use of people of all ages, which they consider integral in recruiting and retaining residents. They hope to add new trails and route development, however the cost and access to land can be prohibited.

Rhetoric students visit Keokuk

Keokuk Housing & Homelessness Policy Briefings

Students in the Department of Rhetoric class Public Policy and Persuasion developed policy briefings for Keokuk community partners, with the broad goal of helping to ensure safe, sanitary, and secure housing options for Keokuk residents. 

Social Work poster presentation

Keokuk Housing Insecurity Study

Graduate students in the School of Social Work conducted a study to better understand the pervasiveness, causes, and consequences of housing insecurity in Keokuk. 

Keokok Library park plan rendering

Keokuk Library Foundation - Grant Search to support Library Park

Students in the course Non-Profit Organizational Effectiveness worked with representatives of the Keokuk Library Foundation to find external grants that could meet the organization's funding priorities.

Keokuk Downtown Streetscape

Keokuk Main Street / State Highway Study

As part of the Planning Sustainable Transportation Course at the University of Iowa School of Urban and Regional Planning, students examined possible design alternatives for Main Street (US Route 218) in downtown Keokuk.

Keokuk Marina Design

Keokuk Marina, Boat Ramps & Parking Lot Design

As part of their Senior Design Capstone course, Civil & Environmental Engineering students designed a new marina with boat ramps and a parking lot in the city of Keokuk, whoch would provide an additional access point for residents and vistors to enjoy water recreation on the Mississippi River.

Pathways Plan public meeting

Keokuk Pathways and Green Streets Plan

As part of their capstone project, second-year graduate students from the School of Urban & Regional Planning created a plan outlining potential opportunities for conversion of low-traffic residential streets to non-vehicular greenways, in addition to developing bicycle and pedestrian routes, for the city of Keokuk, Iowa.

Keokuk Library Archives

Keokuk Public Library Bickel Collection Access

Graduate students in the School of Library & Information Science partnered with Keokuk Public Library staff to build a database to extend access to the Bickel Collection housed at the library.

Keokuk-Hamilton Dam Museum Mural

Keokuk-Hamilton Dam Museum Mural

Grant Wood Public Art resident Ali Hval worked closely with the Keokuk-Hamilton Dam Museum leadership to identify themes and imagery included in a mural on the side of their new home, 428 Main Street, Keokuk, including the design and installation of an awning and a mural design for the side of the building to be installed in the future.

Keokuk, Iowa is located on bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River and is well known for Lock and Dam No. 19, which listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Lake Delhi Final Presentation

Lake Delhi De-Centralized Wastewater Treatment Alternatives

Environmental Engineering students evaluated decentralized wastewater treatment alternatives for three sites in Lake Delhi, a popular recreational area in Eastern Iowa, demonstrating various designs and solutions that could be considered throughout the Lake Delhi community. 

Lake View Community Center rendering

Lake View Community Center Engineering & Design

As part of their Senior Design Capstone course, Civil & Environmental Engineering students prepared a design and cost estimates for a Community Center in Lake View, Iowa. 

Winneshiek County logo

Land Cover and Conservation


Consistent with the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy (INRS), Winneshiek sought to reduce phosphorus and nitrogen pollution from nonpoint sources. To achieve this goal, the County was interested in gaining information about land use and conservation practices in the area.


LED Streetlight Conversion

Greenhouse gas and energy reduction were identified as two major goals for 2015 in The City of Iowa City’s 2014 Sustainability Report. The City was, then, pursuing several initiatives to achieve those goals, including an agreement with MidAmerican Energy to convert all of Iowa City’s streetlights into LED fixtures. The LED fixtures are expected to last 25 times longer and operate 75 percent more efficiently than incandescent bulbs. A student from the College of Engineering assisted the City with the streetlight conversion process during the Fall 2015 semester.

Proposed Logo

Lee County Conservation and Foundation Marketing & Branding

Juniors in the Tippie College of Business Marketing Institute developed brand alternatives for Lee County Conservation and its partner organization Three Rivers Conservation Foundation, with a goal of modernizing the images of the organizations and reflecting the core values of Education, Engagement, and Environment. 


Leeds/Floyd Boulevard Corridor Study

This project focused on the Leeds Neighborhood, located in northeast Sioux City. The commercial corridor within this neighborhood serves as the northeast entryway into Sioux City. The corridor contains a mixture of small retail stores, restaurants, and service establishments that serve the local neighborhood. As new national brand commercial developments continue to develop to the south of the Leeds neighborhood, the future character of its commercial corridor has been called into question. Students from the Urban & Regional Planning Dept.

Linn County, Iowa

Linn County Windfarm Suitability Analysis

In conjunction with officials from Linn County Iowa, graduate students in the School of Urban & Regional Planning completed a Windfarm Suitability Analysis study for the unincorporated Linn County area. 


Local Foods Action Plan

Dubuque city leaders wanted to increase the production and consumption of local foods as part of their Sustainability Dubuque initiative. In addition to common direct-to-consumer approaches, such as community supported agriculture programs and community gardens, Dubuque city leaders wanted to expand to a higher impact approach by expanding the market for local food producers to sell their products to large institutions.


Local Foods Policy and Programming

For their capstone project, Public Affairs graduate students from the School of Planning and Public Affairs will evaluate local food efforts and opportunities in the Clinton area, particularly as they relate to food insecurity and health and wellness.  Local food strategies often include "farm to table" programming, expanding markets for producers, community gardens, and more.  


Local Strategies to Address the Opioid Epidemic

Public Affairs graduate students from the School of Planning and Public Affairs will work with the Clinton Police Department and other service providers to identify new local, proactive strategies for addressing opioid addiction and abuse in the community.  A focus of the project will include tracking how recent funds garnered by the State of Iowa from settlements with pharmaceuticals companies can be deployed in Clinton.  


Lost Nation Downtown Revitalization Study

Students in the Entrepreneurial Management Institute: Business Consulting class conducted research and made recommendations on best competitive practices to attract entrepreneurs and small entrepreneurial businesses to locate in downtown Lost Nation.